Patch 3.0.3 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 3.0.3 (undocumented changes)
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This article lists all of the undocumented changes occurring in Patch 3.0.3. See the main article for the official list of documented changes.



  • Mana regeneration from crits in Moonkin form has been restricted to only single target spells. In 3.0.2, crits from AoE spells would also regenerate mana.
  • [Omen of Clarity] procs on crafting recipes. This is almost certainly unintended.


  • The opportunity to use [Hammer of Wrath] has been lowered to 20% of the target's health, but the tooltip hasn't been changed accordingly.
  • [Judgement of Light] now also affects spells and ranged attacks. The debuff description reflects this, but the actionbar tooltip still refers only to melee attacks.





  • Glyphs can now be linked directly from the glyphs page of your spellbook into chat by shift-clicking on them. This did not work in 3.0.2.
  • Barrels and other items that you destroy are now smashed again. (Was previously changed to the "open" animation.)
  • /macrohelp now displays a different message.