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Development Tools

  • The default UI now contains versions of some popular (I may be biassed) tools for UI developers - /dump, /eventtrace, /framestack, and /reload [1]

Saved Instances

Quest Difficulty



Not sure of where these arrays live (global? FrameUI? QuestUI?), but this very subtle change broke several addons, so it's being included here

  • removed "QuestDifficultyColor" array -- Replaced by "QuestDifficultyColors" array
  • new "QuestDifficultyColors"array -- exact replacement for "QuestDifficultyColor" array

Unit Functions

  • updated or removed UnitIsPlusMob(unitID) -- (not 100% sure, but believed to have been removed)

Quest Maps

There's support for points of interest on the map associated with quests, the API functions are:

Quest API

Spell Casting

Casting Events

Spell casting events and queries indicate whether enemy spells/channeling can be interrupted:

Casting Functions

Calendar Functions

Mail functions

Gamemaster Functions

Loot Trading/Refunding

  • new END_REFUND -- triggered when a returnable item's refund period ends (or maybe would end if action performed?) [1]
  • new END_BOUND_TRADEABLE -- Not 100% sure of this is the right event name [1]
  • new EndBoundTradeable(someVar) -- inferred from staticPopupDialogs.lua [1]
  • new GetSocketItemBoundTradeable() [4]

Other Information

Other Useful Events

Combatlog Events

ChatLog Events

Inventory Events

Unit Events

GameMaster Events

Battlefield Events

Reputation Events


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