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Patch 3.2.2a

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Patch 3.2.2a
Release date

September 25, 2009

Initial version


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Patch 3.2.2a is intended to be a very minor bugfix patch.


  • This is a minor patch to address specific issues relating to patch 3.2.2.
    • Fixed an issue players were having with the 'Escape' key causing the Battleground queue window to close.
    • Fixed an issue players were having when attempting to enter a Battleground while dead or in combat when already in a Battleground.
    • Fixed the Wintergrasp zone map so it now correctly shows the status of all keep walls.
    • Fixed a crash Mac clients were experiencing with ATI driver.
    • Fixed the performance of certain spells that have transparent components.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented an item from being socketable after it is first obtained.
  • For additional information please visit our Bug Report forum.