Patch 4.0.3a (undocumented changes)

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Patch 4.0.3a (undocumented changes)
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  • A new starting experience for gnomes is now available, starting at A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [1] Pinned Down.
  • New starting experience for trolls is also available with starting quest H [2] The Rise of the Darkspear.
  • New background music for many old-world zones has been added.
  • Experience required to advance between level 84 and 85 has been increased from what it was in beta.
  • Numerous treasure chests have changed names and chests that were small are now the more basic size. Some players are unable to open chests in certain areas at this time.[1]
  • Newly created characters now automatically get the following flight points:
    • Alliance Alliance (all races)
      • In Eastern Kingdoms: Stormwind City, Goldshire, Eastvale Logging Camp, Ironforge, Kharanos, Gol'Bolar Quarry
      • In Kalimdor: The Exodar, Azure Watch, Darnassus, Rut'theran Village, Dolanaar, Lor'danel, Moonglade
    • Horde Horde (all races)
      • In Kalimdor: Orgrimmar, Razor Hill, Sen'jin Village, Thunder Bluff, Bloodhoof Village
      • In Eastern Kingdoms: Undercity, Brill, The Bulwark, Silvermoon City, Falconwing Square, Fairbreeze Village
    • Characters no longer need to 'discover' flight points on their own. Characters receive undiscovered flight points zone-by-zone on reaching suitable character levels.


  • Vehicles in Wintergrasp no longer have tiered speeds (siege engines move as fast as catapults) and are now subject to snares and roots. It is unknown whether this is intended behavior or not.




  • The cost of Dual specialization has been reduced to 10g and level to 30.
  • Buff scrolls can no longer be used on player controlled units, such as combat pets.




  • Towns in starting zones now have Profession Trainers, which can train all professions (but not secondary professions) up to a skill level of 75.





  • Moving your mouse over a fishing bobber now shows a unique fishing icon rather than the generic cogwheel.
  • Muddy Churning Waters is removed.


  • Experience gained from gathering herbs has been increased.


  • Low-level inks can no longer be traded for  [Ink of the Sea] but now for  [Blackfallow Ink]. However, since the ingredients for this ink aren't available before the release of Cataclysm, low-level inks can't be traded right now.


  • Experience gained from Mining has been increased.


  • Smart mount macros are broken because all of Azeroth is now marked as flyable, although it is not yet possible to purchase [Flight Master's License].
  • Some, but not all, flying mounts are now usable in Azeroth as land mounts - this seems to be mostly crafted mounts such as Tailor-made flying carpets and Engineer-made flying machines. The mount operates only as a land mount, unless in water, where you will be unmounted like on a flying mount.
  • Is it possible to mount up and fly on a flying mount when swimming at the surface of water.
  • Dalaran is no longer a no-fly area.
  • Due to added mud and silt to the Stormwind Canals, making them much more shallow, they can be ridden in as though they are land when using larger mounts such as mammoths.


  • Some mobs, such as Cyanigosa require more than 450 skinning, this is a known bug.



  • Playable faction reputation quartermasters have been added to capital cities.
  • Gilneas reputation from the Worgen of Gilneas available to the Alliance.
  • Bilgewater Cartel reputation from the Goblins of Kezan available to the Horde.
  • Timbermaw Hold reputation gains have been greatly increased.
  • Argent Dawn reputation is no longer available from Eastern Plaguelands quests and mobs. Instead there is a quest chain at Light's Hope Chapel that leads you to Fiona.[3] This leads you to a repeatable quest.

World environments

Main article: Patch 4.0.3a (world changes)


  • Some classic dungeons have been reduced in size or have had trash mobs reduced.
  • Some instances have lowered their level range.
  • Dire Maul North no longer requires a key for the final room.
  • Dire Maul's North wing is now cut off from the other two. The door and tunnel to the Shen'dralar room is no longer usable.
  • Scholomance no longer requires the  [Viewing Room Key] to proceed to the second portion.
  • Stratholme's live and undead sides are now cut off from each other.
  • Blackrock Depths now contains teleporters to various locations within the instance.
  • Attacking Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths no longer aggros other nearby mobs.
  • After defeating Auriaya in Ulduar the Spark of Imagination may be teleported to right away, allowing Mimiron's trash to be skipped.
  • Completing a Normal Cataclysm Dungeon is rewarded with 70 [Justice Points].
  • All classic dungeons have been completely retuned, often for different level ranges.

User Interface

Map Antagonist.jpg
Map Antagonist indoors.jpg


  • Classic dungeons now have quest givers inside the entrance.
  • B [80G5] Basic Chemistry and N [80G5] Neutralizing the Plague can now be done by a single player as the quest item's cooldown has been reduced to 30 seconds (was 90 seconds).
  • The quest N [80 Daily] Get Kraken! now requires 8 hits on the kraken and 6 Deepcallers slain (was 6 and 3 respectively). The  [Kraken Tooth] from killing the kraken can also be obtained once again (was unavailable in 4.0.3).
  • The quest to activate the frost trap in Dire Maul North no longer requires any items.
  • The quest to obtain a  [Gordok Ogre Suit] now only requires  [Ogre Tannin]. The crafted versions remain unchanged.

The following notable quests have been removed:

Note: With the world revamp, a vast number of quests in old-world zones was removed, far too numerous to list here. They can be found in Category:Removed in patch 4.0.3a.