Patch 4.1.0 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 4.1.0 (undocumented changes)
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  • Damage-dealing knockback abilities will no longer knock the target away if the damage results in a killing blow. This change is likely a workaround for a bug that would often make NPCs killed by knockbacks unlootable without logging out and logging back in.
  • New music added for PvP content.
  • Is it no longer possible to send guild invitations to players who are on trial accounts (an error is generated).






  • [Divine Guardian] now has an effective range of 30 yards (the tooltip is contradictory).


  • A [Lightwell] can no longer be targeted with macros, similar to totems.
  • [Penance] ticks no longer cause friendly targets to flinch.
  • [Mind Sear] deals damage to target if hostile instead of just the targets nearby. No change when cast on friendly targets. Can no longer be cast upon yourself.
  • [Improved Devouring Plague] front end damage can no longer damage mobs such as mechanicals that are immune to diseases. They are now immune to both the DoT and the instant nuke portions of the spell.
  • [Shadowfiend] damage reduced.
  • [Paralysis] is now a magic effect and can no longer be dodged or parried. It is still considered a snare and retains those properties.
  •  [Glyph of Dispel Magic] now requires a magic debuff to be dispelled to grant the heal.
  • [Shadow Word: Death]'s backlash is reported to strike sooner.


  • The cooldown of [Stealth] now starts when the ability is used, instead of when it is cancelled.

Dungeons & Raids


  • A countdown timer has been added displaying the time until the battle begins.



  • Flying mounts now state "This is a flying mount." in both the item and spell tooltip.
  • Smaller flying mounts with legs (such as gryphons, wyverns and hippogryphs) can now swim, and have been given ground mount abilities in no-flying areas, or when a player has not yet purchased the required flight training. Comes with appropriate movement animations for swimming and jumping. This does not include drake/dragon mounts.
  • All flying mounts can be summoned while at the surface of water, allowing for liftoffs. They are still dismissed though when diving deeper into the water (except the ones that can be a ground mount).
  • Looting  [Muddy Crawfish] for the Orgrimmar daily cooking quest H Cooking [120 Daily] Crawfish Creole no longer dismounts you.


  • Companions now are resummoned after a login, zone change or other reasons that cause them to despawn.
  • Companions now stealth when your character stealthes or turns invisible.
  • Many companions have new sounds when clicked. Additionally, companions no longer generate constant noise while summoned (examples of companions affected are  [Lil' Smoky] and  [Disgusting Oozeling]).


World Environment


  • A Guild Charter now only requires 4 signatures in order to become a Guild.


  • Reagents, patterns and cogwheels are now sold by many more vendors including ones in capital cities. Some professions (such as blacksmithing) require these patterns to reach 525 skill. Previously these items were only available off Twilight Highland vendors and only after doing a quest chain starting at level 84. This effectively reduces the min level required for the relevant professions down from 84 to level 75.
  • The new Cooking and Fishing dailies in Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunder Bluff and Undercity are exclusive with the ones in Orgrimmar and Stormwind and each other, respectively. You can only complete one racial city Cooking and Fishing daily per day.
  • Some recipes which were made unobtainable in 4.0.3a are now taught by cooking trainers (both Horde and Alliance).[1] These recipes are  [Kaldorei Spider Kabob],  [Fillet of Frenzy],  [Tasty Lion Steak] and  [Soothing Turtle Bisque]. Some recipes which were previously learned from recipe-items are now also taught by cooking trainers - these recipes are  [Barbecued Buzzard Wing],  [Charred Bear Kabobs] and  [Juicy Bear Burger]. It also seems the training price for all cooking trainer-recipes, including the proficiency levels, have changed (either slightly increased or slightly decreased).
  • Several Jewelcrafting, Engineering, and Leatherworking recipes no longer require  [Flask of Mojo] and  [Flask of Big Mojo], which are now poor quality (grey) items.
  • Arcane Bombs now have a lower chance to work on any player higher than level 60.


  • The progression bar for research projects has been set back in place, having been accidentally shifted to the left in the last patch.




  • [Lifeblood] no longer triggers a short cooldown on trinkets with a use effect and the other way around.


User interface

New character tabs
  • Shaman characters now have a totem displayed on the right on the character select screen.
  • COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED has a new argument inserted on 5th place, named "hideCaster".
  • Character Stats, Titles and Equipment Manager are placed under tabs at the right in the Character frame.
  • Drop down box for guild rank demotion/promotion added.
  • On the Blizzard Launcher, the patch completion alert and PLAY button sounds have been changed.
  • Worgen characters can no longer change from one form to another using /transform, and the CanTransform() API call has been removed for reasons unknown.
  • The open all bags bind no longer works with bank bags.
  • All alt-codes and special characters can now be used in chat.
  • Switching talent specs now uses a different sound effect.
  • You can no longer /dance while in combat.
  • The authenticator prompt is no longer on the main login screen. This was an intentional change to prepare for future authentication functionality.[2]
    • This change also completely broke the well-known Man-In-The-Middle (mpcor.dll) keylogger for users with an authenticator.
  • Guild reputation is now displayed at the top of the reputation window instead of the bottom.
  • Rated Battlegrounds have been added to the raid browser.
  • The help window has been given an overhaul. The Knowledge Base now sorts topics by subject. "Report Abuse" and "Account Security" buttons have been added.
  • Pending GM tickets are now displayed on the help window button instead of at the top of the screen.
  • Random name generation on the Character Creation screen will now only suggest names that are presently available on the chosen server.
  • Target and focus icons will not appear on the minimap in relation to players of the opposite faction; only NPCs and friendly players can be tracked in this manner.
  • The Maelstrom now has its own loading screen.

Game Engine

  • Added the LAA (Large Address Aware) flag to WoW. This allows systems running a 64 bit Operating System to allocate up to 4GB of RAM to WoW to prevent crashes. Mainly this was to fix the issue where users with multiple monitors would consistently crash from hitting the 2GB application limit. The only way to prevent this crash (prior to 4.1) was to manually add the LAA flag, breaking WoW's EULA (specifically 2 E) in the process. Adding this fix relieved users of the fear that they'd have their account actioned for manually adding the LAA to stop the crashing, despite a Blizzard employee stating in December 2010 that Blizzard wouldn't action accounts for making this change.


  • Beginning with 4.1, Blizzard does a Speed Test to 3 distribution servers to determine the user's internet speed to each, then picks the server with the highest download speed to the user. This should result in users' speeds for downloading patch data to increase. Unfortunately, if the internet speed is too slow, Akamai servers will refuse to send patch data.

Bug Fixes

Possible bugs

  • [Far Sight], [Mind Vision], and [Eagle Eye] cannot be canceled by jumping.
  • Baradin Foxes are as small as critters.
  • The mounts of the questgivers in Tol Barad don't use the flying animation anymore and appear to be standing in the air. Petty Officer Chulok's mount in Tol Barad Peninsula does not fly anymore as well, but stands on the ground, maybe the intended behavior.
  • Troll players on the Kor'kron Annihilator mount now hold their banner as a jousting spear.
  • The Mac client now updates time stamps on files in the Data directory every time the client is used, causing Time Machine to perform unnecessary backups.
  • Join as Group function does not always work for Tol Barad.