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Patch 5.1.0/API changes

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New features

Loss of control UI 
Notifies the player when their character is affected by crowd control, interrupt, and spell lockout effects.
Instance-based chat channels 
Separate chat channels for battleground/instance groups.
Pet Journal API updates 
Pets are now identified using GUIDs (several functions renamed to this effect); added functions to translate a pet name to a pet GUID, and functions and slash commands to summon a random pet: /randompet and /randomfavoritepet.


Automated diff

Click on the headers to expand the tables below.

Global API

Global API ( →
24 new functions 3 removed functions


FrameXML ( →
6 new functions 1 removed functions


Events ( →
6 new events 2 removed events

Widget API

Widget API ( →
7 new methods 0 removed methods

Widget Handlers

Widget Handlers ( →
0 new handlers 2 removed handlers
Animation OnEvent
AnimationGroup OnEvent