Patch 5.1.0 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 5.1.0 (undocumented changes)
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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 5.1.0. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.



  • [Cooking Fire] now causes nearby druids in Treant Form to catch fire for the duration of the "Cozy Fire" buff.


  • [Ascension] now increases your maximum mana by 15%, and your energy regen by 15%.
  • Walking through a [Healing Sphere] or Chi Sphere has a new sound effect, resembling drinking.
  • [Roll] now travels the same distance whether or not the character is in walk or run mode. (Previously, it only traveled a short distance in walk mode.)



Dungeons and raids

  • The Horde version of the Theramore's Fall scenario received minor changes, including the removal of half of the "mini-boss" enemies on the boats, the additional stage 1 requirement of killing the remaining three and the removal of the two enemies guarding Thalen Songweaver

Player vs Player



  • Various mobs are no longer skinnable.





User interface

  • Dungeon Finder, Raid Finder and Battleground groups now feature a new "Instance" chat channel (/i) separate from the Party chat. Using /p or /raid to switch channel will be redirected to the Instance channel, unless you were already in a pre-formed party or raid group when you queued. Using /bg will likewise be redirected to the Instance channel.
  • When you are in two separate groups (e.g. Party and Dungeon), an icon will be displayed over your character's unit frame.
  • Item tooltip changes:
    • Item level is now displayed in orange under the item name, rather than in white after stats.
    • Enchant descriptions now have the word "Enchanted:" displayed before them.
    • Stats added by Reforging now display the stat that they were reforged from.
    • Secondary stats are now displayed in the same format as primary stats, e.g. "+405 Mastery" instead of "Equip: increases your mastery by 405".
  • Mobs tapped by others now have a dark blue health bar in name plate.
  • The Friendship reputation level of Best Friend now has no additional points, down from 999.
  • The Friendship reputation bar displayed in dialogue windows now displays progress for the current reputation level, as opposed to the entire reputation progress.
  • The background of Character Pane now shows again.
  • Queuing a Raid Finder raid no longer says how many bosses have been killed (like the Dungeon Finder).
  • Chat bubbles are smaller now.

Pet Battles

World environment

  • Dismounting mid-air from a flying mount now causes your player to be propelled in the same direction at a roughly matching speed, rather than simply falling downwards (unless the mount is stationary). However, the mechanism is currently flawed; players have a moment's window after dismounting to alter their trajectory before the effect is applied, making it possible for example for players to catapult themselves forward from stationary mounts.
  • The Flight Point at Halfhill has moved up the hill to next to the Inn.
  • Crops now can be harvested when dailies reset to match Jogu the Drunk's predictions window.
  • The  ["Jinyu Princess" Irrigation System] now pours water onto the ground, instead of shooting it straight up into the air.
  • Smothered crops/encroaching weeds now have a spell visual to help call attention to themselves.
  • The entrance to the Black Temple has been partially boarded up (the portal is still usable).
  • Stillwater Crocodiles have been renamed to Stillwater Crocolisks.
  • The faction Conquest & Honor quartermasters are now marked on the map.
  • The Valor & Justice quartermasters in Townlong Steppes are now marked on the map.
  • Cyclonic Inspiration is now automatically applied while inside the faction Shrines and no longer breaks on fall damage. Running to the former area to obtain the buff now results in an error message.
  • There is now a graveyard behind Aetha in Mistfall Village.
  • The Invasion of Draenor returned to Scholomance as it was not included in the revamped dungeon.

Darkmoon Island

  • Darkmoon Island now has a neutral Portal Back at the island's entrance. The Elwynn Forest and Mulgore portals on the Darkmoon Boardwalk have also been replaced with a Portal Back, along with a smaller tent roof to match.
  • The new battle pet area has replaced the Tonk Free-for-All area.
  • The Tonk Control Consoles have been moved to the sandbox.
  • A Darkmoon carousel has been installed between The Darkmoon Cannon and the Shooting Gallery. Kae Ti sells ride tickets. Riding the carousel grants a buff that increases experience and reputation gains by 10% for up to an hour (does not persist through death).


  • Numerous achievements have been added.






  • Mage: The portal and teleport spells for Mages to travel to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms are now correctly placed in the portal and teleport pullouts, and not as independent spells in a Mage's general spell tab.


  • The buffs gained during N [90 Daily] Chasing the Chicken can no longer be dispelled, they were making the quest easier and faster.

User Interface

  • The reputation bars from the subfactions of the Tillers in the reputation frame and the XP bar (if the reputation is displayed with the XP bar) are always green now. It was yellow when the standing was between 0 and 2999 Stranger.
    • Tiller NPCs now show normal rep names (honored, revered, etc) in rep panel, and the individual's rep bar on their gossip window now fills once per level rather than each bubble giving a rep level.
  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms is now correctly a level 90 zone (it was a 90-90 one).



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