Patch 6.1.0 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 6.1.0 (undocumented changes)
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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 6.1.0. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


Death Knight

  • Unholy
    • [Unholy Might]'s tooltip has been updated to reflect a 2014-10-30 hotfix change.



  • General
    • [Trap Launcher] no longer resets when changing talents.
    • [Ice Trap] has a new spell visual.
    • [Arcane Shot]'s tooltip has been updated to reflect a 2014-10-17 hotfix change.
    • [Cobra Shot]'s tooltip has been updated to reflect a 2014-10-17 hotfix change.
  • Hunter pet
    • [Blood of the Rhino] no longer increases the pet's armor by 20%. Instead, it now reduces physical damage taken by 15%.



  • Talents
    • The tendrils summoned by [Void Tendrils] have had their health increased by 30%.



  • N [90 Daily] Out of Stock: Blackrock Ore and N [90 Daily] Out of Stock: True Iron Ore now accept the requisite ore if stored in the player's bank instead of requiring the ore to be in their inventory.
  • The introductory work orders quests now only show "1 of 1 Work Orders Available" for the related Work Orders NPCs. Previously, it showed all seven as being available although you could only queue for one.
  • The targeting reticule used by the Ring Toss game has been greatly reduced in size. Additionally: Dubenko moves around more often on set paths and set speed, and the cast time of Ring Toss has been increased.
  • The Tonk Targets for the Tonk Challenge now spawn more frequently. Additionally, they are no longer viewable outside of the Darkmoon Faire game.
  • Message for Vol'jin: Eitrigg has finally noticed the change in Horde leadership, and correctly assesses the player as speaking to Vol'jin rather than Garrosh Hellscream.
  • A [13] Catch and Release no longer rewards  [Protective Field Gloves], instead rewarding  [Protective Field Grips].

Dungeons and raids

  • A visible Call to Arms buff is present while in dungeons for those roles which are eligible for a bonus upon completion.


  • Herbalism and Mining nodes no longer give experience to players who are much higher level compared to the node in question.
  • Inscription: Receipts no longer expire.



  • Frostwall / Lunarfall now have their own loading screens.
  • The NPC assigned to your garrison Herb Garden can now be seen tending the plants and will assist you to defend against Disturbed Podlings if close enough.
  • The guards inside the garrison mines are now level appropriate and deal with the random gorens easily.


Creatures and NPCs


  • The Challenge Mode teleports have been separated into the expansion-related names of "Challenger's Path" and "Warlord's Path".

World environment

  • The Garrison Cache for Tier 1 Horde garrison, and Tiers 2 and 3 Alliance garrison, have had their locations adjusted. Additionally, players are no longer dismounted while collecting the cache.
  • The simple high-backed chairs in the game no longer places the player's head in the backrest, which interfered with the camera.
  • The timer for the faerie event in Tirisfal Glades has been reduced to approximately every 15 minutes, down from approximately every several hours.


  • The "LookingForGroup" chat channel is now working in all areas.
  • The displayable amount of a crafting reagent in a profession or work order window will now display an actual amount above 99 instead of an asterisk (*). For amounts greater than 99 but less than 999, the exact amount is displayed on the crafting reagent icon. For amounts greater than 999, an approximate amount is displayed. (Example: 1,157  [True Iron Ore] will appear as 1.15K.)
  • When the UI is hidden, targeted players or NPCs are no longer visually highlighted.[2]
  • Upon joining a raid group, a player is now also informed (in red text): "(While in a raid group, you cannot earn credit towards most non-raid quests.)"


  • Pointer worldorders on 32x32.pngPointer worldorders off 32x32.png - WorldOrders
  • Pointer size on 32x32.pngPointer size off 32x32.png - Size
  • Pointer sizeleft on 32x32.pngPointer sizeleft off 32x32.png - SizeLeft

Bug fixes


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