Patch 6.2.2a

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Patch 6.2.2a
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Patch 6.2.2a is a minor bug fix patch released after patch 6.2.2.

October 6, 2015, Build 20574

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled support for split screen mode in the Mac Client on OS X 10.11 to address a stability issue.
  • Disabled the Find Cursor feature in the Mac Client on OS X 10.11.
  • Corrected a display issue where Undead characters would see an incorrect race icon while performing a Paid Race Change.

September 15, 2015, Build 20490

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an animation issue with [Bladestorm] that affected Dwarf Warriors.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Archaeology dig sites to take on an odd shape and prevented them from being completed.