Patch 8.0.1 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 8.0.1 (undocumented changes)
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Patch 7.3.5
(Undocumented changes)
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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 8.0.1. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


  • Male blood elves have had their faces adjusted.[1]
  • The faces for male void elves and a couple for female have been adjusted.[2]
  • With the release of the expansion, limit of characters per realm increased to 18, from 16.[3]


Demon hunter

  • General
    • Demon hunters can no longer equip daggers.


  • General
    • [Bear Form] has received updates to its stand, walk, and run animations.[4]
    • [Cat Form] running and walking animations have been updated.[5]



  • Shadow






The following creatures have had their model updated.

The following have received updates to their stand, walk, and run animations:

Pet Battles



  • General
    • Darkmoon Faire profession quests (except Archeology) award 5 skill points only to classic tier of professions.
  • Cooking
    • Daily сooking quests in capital cities now award 1-2 skill points only to classic сooking.
  • First Aid
  • Fishing
    • Daily fishing quest in Draenor Garrison now awards 1 skill point (was 15) and only to Draenor fishing.
    • Daily fishing quests in capital cities now award 1-2 skill points only to classic fishing.
    • Rare fish on Broken Isles and Broken Shore now awards 5 skill points only to Legion fishing.
    • Many fishing items give less fishing skill points.
    • Successful catch has a random chance to award a second duplicate fish (such fish causes a popup).




Dungeons & Raids


Pet Battles

Class Hall


Class Hall

Dungeons and raids

World environment

Bug fixes

User Interface

  • Fullscreen has been removed from the Display Mode options due to DirectX 12 being added.[10]
  • Mounts and pets linked in chat can now be previewed in the dressing room.[11]
  • Hairstyles that were exclusive to the barbershop are now available as options in the character creation screen.
  • Transportation ships and airships are now indicated on the world map and display their destination.
  • The appearance used for the main world map has been changed.
  • The categories for the Achievements panel have been reworked:
    • General has been renamed to Character
    • Class Hall, Draenor Garrison, Proving Grounds, and Scenarios have been merged into a new category: Expansion Features
  • The Achievements panel button on the micro menu was adjusted.
  • Group Finder
    • Groups can no longer be automatically created.
    • The "Find Group" functionality for non-elite world quests has been removed.
    • Text now can only be entered in manually.
  • The cardinal directors on the rotating minimap have been updated.
  • The "Show New Character Models" checkbox has been removed from the advanced System options.
  • Portrait
    • The ability to change loot modes has been removed.
    • Added Voice Chat option to adjust volume for both mic and output speaker.
  • Unattackable enemy portraits and highlights now use the unfriendly color instead of red color.
  • The old guild interface can be opened with the /guildroster command.
  • Legion Companion App: The "Switch Character" button has been removed and replaced with "Log Out".[12]


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