Patch 8.1.5 (undocumented changes)

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Patch 8.1.5 (undocumented changes)
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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 8.1.5. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


  • DirectX 12 support has been extended for Windows 7 users.[1] World of Warcraft is the first game to add support for DirectX 12 on Windows 7.[2][3]
  • DirectX 11 support has been extended with multi-threaded rendering while the old DirectX 11 single-threaded rendering support is now named "DirectX 11 Legacy".[2]






  • The male Zandalari troll model has received several unique animations such as sitting, swimming, jumping, many generic combat animations and more.
  • The blood elf golden eyes now glow a little more.[4]



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