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Patchwork Command

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HordePatchwork Command

85 (Requires 84)




4g 70s



Speak to Patch in Dragonmaw Pass.


Recent events make it even more apparent that holing up here and making sporadic attacks isn't enough to keep our kind safe, much less retake Grim Batol. We need to be more aggressive, we need to strike into their heart.

I've agreed to send dragons to the aid of your commanders. They were already hatching a plan to strike at Grim Batol, so you should focus your attention there first.

You should be able to find Patch in Dragonmaw Pass, in the canyon below us to the south.


You will receive: 4g 70s (or 8g 27s at max level)


You got the dragons in the game! Good on you.

We'd already laid out plans for our ambush by the time the dragons contacted us. They're helping by cutting off their retreat.

It's not too late for you to join in on the fun though. We saved some for you.


Down to the southwest, in what used to be the Wetlands, is the Dragonmaw Pass.

His gossip text:

The dragons have bought us an opportunity to sieze the gates from the Twilight's Hammer. We would do well not to waste it.


  1. B [85] Warm Welcome
  2. N [85] Even Dragons Bleed
  3. N [85] Draconic Mending / N [85] Life from Death
  4. N [85] In Defense of the Redoubt
  5. N [85] Encroaching Twilight / N [85] Breach in the Defenses / N [85] Far from the Nest
  6. A [85] Mathias' Command / H [85] Patchwork Command
  7. B [85] Easy Pickings / B [85] Precious Goods
  8. (H [85] The Gates of Grim Batol)
  9. B [85] If The Key Fits
  10. B [85] Pressing Forward
  11. N [85] Enter the Dragon Queen
  12. N [85] Battle of Life and Death
  13. N [85] And the Sky Streaked Red
  14. N [85] A Fitting End / N [85] Blackout / N [85] Shining Through the Dark
  15. N [85] Following the Young Home
  16. N [85] Last of Her Kind

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