Patchwork Golem

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MobPatchwork Golem
Image of Patchwork Golem
Race Abomination (Undead)
Level 81 Elite
Health 143,363 - 390,990
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Naxxramas

Patchwork Golems can be found in Naxxramas.


Ability warrior cleave.png


Inflicts 110% normal damage to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets. 3 second cooldown.

Ability bullrush.png

War Stomp

Inflicts 3507 to 3993 Physical damage (4676-5324 25-man) to nearby enemies and stunning them for 3 seconds (4 seconds 25-man).

Spell nature abolishmagic.png

Disease Cloud

Deals 232 to 268 Nature damage every 3 sec. to nearby enemies.

Ability backstab.png


Attempts to finish off a wounded enemy, inflicting 120% normal damage. Execute can only be used on enemies that have 20% or less health.


  • They are NOT shackable
  • Split them apart using hunters. Spread them out as much as possible using all the room available to you.
  • Tanks and healers should wear the pvp trinket incase of an unlucky warstomp on the pull

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