Pathonia Shaw

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AlliancePathonia Shaw
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Gender Female
Race Human
Class Rogue
Affiliation(s) Stormwind Assassins
Occupation Founder of the Stormwind Assassins
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Mathias Shaw (grandson),[1] Waltion Freemore (lover)
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Not much is known about Pathonia Shaw before she was ordered to form the association called the Stormwind Assassins. She was held in Stormwind prison for thievery when she was approached by Erwill Youngton who offered her clemency if she agreed to form a society to take care of the Nation’s dirty work quickly and cleanly. She agreed at once — and added that she would find a way to do it with a sense of style as well. Her first task was performed that same day when she snuck into a corrupt high elf mayor’s room and killed him, making sure to keep the bedroom immaculate: not a drop of blood spilled nor a sheet rumpled. Soon the first recruits of the new association were enlisted from amongst her fellow thieves and brought into the family, as members called it, and soon built a small force to serve the Alliance. One of her first recruits was Waltion Freemore who served as her righthand man and lover, even if that is a secret well kept by the two, for over 30 years.

Shaw had been a thief for the thrills and was not necessarily evil. Once she was allowed to do her favorite thing in the world and still get paid for it, she became a fighter loyal to the Crown. She made sure to hammer this home in her recruits: one does not steal from the hand that feeds. If the thrill of the stolen goods and the secret kill, along with a steady salary, was not good enough for her thieves then they were not initiated into the Assassins.

Shaw retired 10 years ago and put her grandson Mathias in charge. She had groomed him for the job since he was an infant, testing his speed and dexterity on a physical level and making sure he understood the difference between doing what was right and doing what was necessary, and how those two do not always mix.[2]


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Preceded by:
Master of Stormwind Assassins
Succeeded by:
Mathias Shaw