Pattern: Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness

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  • Pattern: Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Teaches you how to craft a Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness more efficiently.
    • Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness
    • Use: Bear a battle flag on your back, increasing you and your party's mounted speed within 10 yards by 15% for 15 sec.
      Only usable while mounted.
      Not usable while in Raids, Dungeons, Rated Battlegrounds or Arenas. (1 Min Cooldown)
    • Sell Price: 1s
  • Requires Tidespray Linen (15), Embroidered Deep Sea Satin (5), Nylon Thread (16)
  • Requires Level 100
  • Requires Kul Tiran Tailoring (1)
  • Sell Price: 2g 25s

Pattern: Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness teaches players with tailoring to make  [Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness]. Ranks 2 and 3 reduces the materials required.


Ranks 1 and 2 are taught by the Kul Tiran and Zandalari tailoring trainers, Alliance Daniel Brineweaver and Horde Pin'jin the Patient. Rank 3 of  [Pattern: Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness] is a reward for completing world quest B [120] Work Order: Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness.

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