Pattern: Black Whelp Cloak

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Pattern: Black Whelp Cloak teaches leatherworkers how to craft a  [Black Whelp Cloak].


This item can be purchased for 6s 50c, only from Clyde Ranthal <Leatherworking Supplies> in a hidden valley in east Redridge Mountains, in limited quantity (1).

Since he only sells to Alliance characters and it is doubtful that he ever drops the pattern, Horde characters can obtain this pattern only when an Alliance character puts it up for auction on the neutral auction house.


This is a good, but not great, pattern.  [Fine Leather Cloak] can be learned from the leatherworking trainer, and is nearly as good and much cheaper to make. Several +3 stamina cloaks drop and are frequently for sale in the auction house.  [Deviate Scale Cloak] is often a better alternative.

Because he is the only vendor and the pattern is limited supply, demand exceeds supply and this pattern can sell for quite a bit. If you want to buy his pattern for resale, consider logging out near Clyde Ranthal, playing another character, and checking periodically for restock.

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