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Pay to Slay is a quest achievement earned for killing summonable bosses on the Isle of Thunder using a  [Shan'ze Ritual Stone]. Stones are found on the corpses of [Champions of Lei Shen], which are regular rare mobs, and also inside Troves of the Thunder King. See the ritual stone article for more information on summoning the named bosses.

This achievement is not required for the meta-achievement, [Stormbreaker], but its followup, [It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone], is.


There are three types of ritual stones, lightning, primal, and spirit. Each type will summon one of three bosses of that type:

Boss Type Location Coords
Mob  Spirit of Warlord Teng Spirit Hall of the Grand Imperion [35.7, 63.8]
Mob  Kor'dok and Tinzo the Emberkeeper Spirit Court of Bones [30.7, 58.6]
Mob  Echo of Kros Spirit Ihgaluk Crag [55.2, 87.7]
Mob  Electromancer Ju'le Lightning Diremoor [44.5, 61.0]
Mob  Qi'nor Lightning Lightning Vein Mine [48.0, 26.0]
Mob  Ancient Mogu Guardian Lightning Emperor's Gate [53.1, 47.1]
Mob  Windweaver Akil'amon Primal Stormsea Landing [68.9, 39.3]
Mob  Cera Primal Ihgaluk Crag
Court of Bones
[57.9, 79.2]
[33.5, 46.5]
Mob  Incomplete Drakkari Colossus Primal Lightning Vein Mine [49.9, 20.6]

Cera intentionally has two summoning locations.

Isle of Thunder map
Lightning - Northwestern Lightning Vein Mine exit - Qi'nor @ 48.0,26.0
Lightning - Emperor's Gate - Ancient Mogu Guardian @ 53.1,47.1
Lightning - Diremoor - Electromancer Ju'le @ 44.5,61.0
Primal - Northwestern Lightning Vein Mine exit - Incomplete Drakkari Colossus @ 49.9,20.6
Primal - Ihgulak Crag secret cave - Cera @ 57.9,79.2
Primal - Underneath northern Court of Bones building - Cera @ 33.5,46.5
Primal - North of Stormsea Landing - Windweaver Akil'amon @ 68.9,39.3
Spirit - Ihgaluk Crag beach - Echo of Kros @ 55.2,87.7
Spirit - Under Hall of the Grand Imperion - Spirit of Warlord Teng @ 35.7,63.8
Spirit - Isle west of Hall of the Defamed - Kor'dok and Tinzo @ 30.7,58.6


  1. [Pay to Slay]
  2. [It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone]

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