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For the pearl desired by Zhahara Darksquall and found by Wanyo, see Pearl of Pandaria (item).

Pearl of Pandaria
Pearl of Pandaria.jpg
Cover artwork

Sean Galloway



Publication date

US: September 19, 2012
UK: September 25, 2012



Retail price

US: 24.99
UK: 18.99


US: 1-401-22699-X
UK: 1-78116-550-5


US: 978-1-401-22699-2
UK: 978-1-78116-550-8

World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria is an original graphic novel set in the Warcraft universe, and ties into the 4th expansion pack, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. It is set before the Shattering and gives a look at Pandaria before the mists protecting the island were clear.[1]

The plot of the comic revolves around Chen Stormstout's niece, Li Li, as she ventures into the world with another pandaren named Bo, who wishes to take her back home to the Wandering Isle.

The first hint of the comic appeared as an inaccurate listing for an upcoming hardcover Wildstorm OGN called World of Warcraft: Panderans [sic], complete with page, price, and ISBN information. Blizzplanet asked DC Comics about this, and the response was that the information was wrong and that details on the correct product would be coming in a few months.[2]

At Blizzard's Comic-Con 2010 panel, a slide of pandaren artwork was included at the end of Wildstorm's portion of the presentation. The panelists mocked surprise and quickly returned to the previous slide, saying it wasn't supposed to be there and that they'd get in trouble.[3] A framed art preview was given out to fansite webmasters during the 2012 Mists of Pandaria Press Tour.


Micky Neilson, author of the graphic novel, discussed some details about the development of the novel during an interview with Blizzplanet:

"We started development on PEARL OF PANDARIA quiet a while ago. I want to say we did the brainstorming around the Burning Crusade era. So at the time that we were brainstorming the book, there were no plans for an expansion that would have Pandaren in it, or Pandaria in it.

At the time the book was really going to be a way to explore Pandaria, Chen Stormstout, and the Pandaren culture, because we didn’t believe that there was going to be an expansion. So the story was created back then, and it was written largely all before the events of Cataclysm, and then as the development of the book progressed, we finally found out that there would in fact be an expansion that would include Pandaria, and so we went back and we made some changes to the script.

Luckily, the majority of the story takes place on Azeroth. The first part and the last part are where you see the turtle, Shen-zin Su, which is separate from the island of Pandaria itself. But still that’s something that was being developed for the game. So we had to make a few changes there.

But it worked out, Sean and his team were really great about making artwork changes as well because as the game evolved, that became necessary at few points also."[4]


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