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For the companion, see  [Pebble].
Image of Pebble
Gender Male[1]
Race Earth elemental (Elemental)
Level 84
Affiliation(s) Therazane
Location Needlerock Slag and Crumbling Depths, Deepholm
Status Alive
An adventurous little elemental, Pebble escaped hungry gyreworms in the Crumbling Depths, braved the emptiness of the Twisting Nether, and ultimately found himself rescued from a mailbox.[2]

Pebble is an adventurous little earth elemental that begins following the adventurer around as they are progressing through Deepholm. Pebble is first encountered at the Shuddering Spires and later constantly gets himself lost within the Crumbling Depths.

Players can eventually gain him as a companion after rescuing him from the Crumbling Depths enough times.


Pebble is involved in the following quests at the Shuddering Spires:

  1. N [83] Clingy AvailablequestActivequest
  2. N [83] So Big, So Round... Availablequest
  3. N [83] Petrified Delicacies Activequest

...and in the Crumbling Depths:

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