Pebble of Kajaro

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The Pebble of Kajaro is one of a series of 3 necklaces that a mage may get from Zandalar Tribe faction. The necklace gets more powerful the higher you get in reputation with the Zandalar Tribe.


Al'tabim the All-Seeing provides these quests from his hut on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale:

  1. N [60R] The Pebble of Kajaro - friendly
  2. N [60R] The Pebble of Kajaro - honored
  3. N [60R] The Pebble of Kajaro - revered

The necklaces

Friendly Honored Revered
 [Pebble of Kajaro]  [Pebble of Kajaro]  [Pebble of Kajaro]

Related items/quests

Al'tabim the All-Seeing also provides The Eye of Zuldazar for priests, as well as Kezan's Taint for warlocks.

He similarly provides quests for armor (wrists, shoulder, chest) for each of these classes.

Other classes