Peeling the Onion

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  • Peeling the Onion
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • Requires Level 51
  • "The How to Guide On Dismantling the Stormpike - By Drek'Thar"

Peeling the Onion is a quest reward from H [120] Proving Grounds. The book is also sold by the following vendors:


Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion
The How to Guide on Dismantling the Stormpike
-By Drek'Thar

Within these pages you will find a wealth of knowledge on battle tactics and politics. The learned soldier is the soldier that leans on the shoulder of experience. Let this book serve as a guide for your battle in Alterac Valley.

Chapter 1 - The Front Line

Dismantling the Stormpike Army is very much like peeling an onion. To get to the core, you must start by removing the outermost layers.

The front lines, comprised mostly of Stormpike Mountaineers and Alliance Sentinels are tied to the Captain's bunker. It is Captain Balinda Stonehearth who empowers these units and provides for reinforcements when the lines are under siege. Strike at the Captain and the front line forces will crumble.

Chapter 2 - The Twin Towers

Make no mistake. Vanndar Stormpike is a cunning foe and certainly no fool. Once the front line has been breached, the secondary defensive targets must still be destroyed. It is the twin towers of Stonehearth and Icewing which control the Stormpike Guardsmen outside of Dun Baldar and the Stormpike Patrols.

Beware, soldier, as both of these towers are heavily fortified and ruled over by one of Vanndar's elite Commanders. Should your forces breach the fortifications, make certain the Commander within has been...silenced. This too will be part of the dismantling of the Stormpike.

Chapter 3 - The Four Commanders

The third layer of the Stormpike opinion is comprised of the four commanders in this respect. Vanndar has mimicked our own glorious defenses. Of course he will tell you otherwise, but I digress.

The four Commanders control the ebb and flow of the Stormpike Guardsmen that fiercely guard Dun Baldar. Silence them all and the Stormpike Guardsmen will fall.

Then there is but one layer left to peel.

Chapter 4 - The Dun Baldar Bunkers

As you have undoubtedly notices, the Stormpike defensive layers are in place to prevent one mighty power move from dismantling the entire army. Before you ask, yes, this is exactly how our own forces are set up, and no I will not change our defensive structure. They copied us, why should we have to change?

Where was I? Yes, so, the Dun Baldar bunkers (which are located in Dun Baldar) control the Stormpike Defenders - Vanndar's most trusted and elite guard units. Destroy those two towers and the units sent to aid Vanndar will cease to exist.


After having done all of this, you are left with the center of the onion: the sweet core. Vanndar Stormpike will be left defenseless and alone. Rules of military conduct require that we ask for his surrender before carrying out any executions. Be sure to mention the surrender thing when you see him...then kill him.

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