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Seat of the Spirit Waker
Start Automatic (The Tan-Chao)
End Pei-Zhi [43.8, 12.5]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 138000
Rewards Item level 404 shoulders
19g 60s
Previous N [86] To Bridge Earth and Sky


Confront Shan Jitong and rescue Pei-Zhi at the Seat of the Spirit Waker in the Terrace of Ten Thunders.


<Ancestral spirits stream into the tan-chao, Pei-Zhi's bridge to freedom.

One final chamber lingers in the ruins, just north of the tan-chao. The air above crackles with foul energy. Shan Jitong is already at work.>


Depending on your class and specialization you will get one of the following items:
Inv shoulder cloth panda b 02.png [Ambermist Mantle] Inv shoulder leather panda b 02.png [Blackthicket Spaulders]
Inv shoulder mail panda b 02blue.png [Jade Witch Spaulders] Inv shoulder plate panda b 01.png [Glass Lake Spaulders]
Inv shoulder cloth panda b 02.png [Silkwood Amice] Inv shoulder leather panda b 02.png [Deepwoods Spaulder]
Inv shoulder mail panda b 02blue.png [Fox Grove Spaulders] Inv shoulder plate panda b 01.png [Thunderwood Shoulders]
Inv shoulder plate panda b 01.png [Jade Tiger Shoulders]

You will also receive: 19g 60s


This age must be one of great strife to breed heroes such as you. I can only imagine what adventures must lie ahead.

It has been my great honor to have met you, <name>.

I will remain here to usher out the last of the spirits before crossing the tan-chao myself.

Still, I am disturbed by the spirit waker's dying curse...

"You will not stop the thunder."

What could he have meant?


  • 138000 XP


Head just to the northwest. A large mogu construct called the Stonebound Colossus <Shadow of the Spirit-sage> patrols the area, being powered by Pei-Zhi who is Spiritbound above and behind it and under Jitong's control. When Pei-Zhi strikes, the statue strikes.

Pei-Zhi yells: <Name>! I am... not in control... Get away!

The Stonebound Colossus is a level 85 simulacrum with 1,264,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — Hits for ~4500 Physical on cloth
  • Regenerate

When you get the Stonebound Colossus down to 90%, Shan Jitong will teleport in.

Shan Jitong yells: You will not interfere again!

Shan Jitong once again is immune via Spirit Shield and will then teleport to one of the four corners. He has the following abilities:

  • Spirit Crush 10 yd range — Deals 2% of the target's maximum health as shadow damage an an additional 8% if the target is afflicted by Spirit Grasp. 7.5 sec cast.
  • Spirit Grasp

Every 30 seconds, Shan Jitong will cast Spirit Grasp on all hostile units:

  • Shan Jitong yells: I will have your unruly spirit, like all the others!
  • Shan Jitong yells: Little spirit, you cannot hide from me in that body!
  • Shan Jitong yells: You are MINE!
Your spirit has been ripped from your body! Get back to your body!

Run to the location of your body when the spell cast happened, click on it, and then quickly perform an ability (either a counterspell or any damaging ability) on the Colossus to interrupt the heal. This is a battle for survival, as no NPCs are available to assist. Once the Colossus has been defeated, Pei-Zhi's spirit is freed and drops back down to the ground.

Pei-Zhi says: You did it, <name>! I'm free!
Shan Jitong yells: What?! Impossible!
Pei-Zhi walks up within casting distance and casts Free Spirits at Jitong, dissipating his Spirit Shield.
Pei-Zhi says: Time to fight your own battles, you monster! No more spirits to hide behind!
Shan Jitong says: Agh! My wards!

In phase two, Shan Jitong, a level 85 mogu with 158k health, has the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — ~6200 on cloth
  • Shadow Bolt 40 yd range — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 3 sec cast.

Finish Shan Jitong off.

Shan Jitong yells: You... will not defeat... the thunder...
Pei-Zhi says: It's finally over...
Pei-Zhi I'll be waiting at the Tan-Chao. Come and speak to me there.

Return to the location of the previous quest to turn in to Pei-Zhi.

Finishing this quest completes the Ruins of Gan-Shi portion of [Upjade Complete].


The spirits can finally rest, thanks to you. Soon I, too, will return to the other side.
I leave you with this piece of advice: Pandaria is a land of history. If ever you are unsure about the future, you need only to seek answers from the past.
Remember this, and you will thrive here.


  • Shan Jitong's last words may have been an attempt to say "the Thunder King", who the Mogu were working (and would succeed) at resurrecting.


  1. N [86] The Sprites' Plight
  2. N [86] Break the Cycle & N [86] Simulacrumble
  3. N [86] An Urgent Plea
  4. N [86] Ritual Artifacts & N [86] Vessels of the Spirit & N [86] The Wayward Dead
  5. N [86] Back to Nature & N [86] A Humble Offering
  6. N [86] To Bridge Earth and Sky
  7. N [86] Pei-Back

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