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Image of Penumbrius
Title <Flight Master>
Gender Male
Race Bronze dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 120 Elite
Health 88,200
Affiliation(s) Argent Crusade
Location Argent Vanguard and Crusaders' Pinnacle, Icecrown

Penumbrius is a level 80 bronze dragon located at the Argent Vanguard in the contested territory of Icecrown. He can be found next to Glory and the Argent Skytalons near the stables watching over the bronze proto-drakes, at least until a few quests into the place he will then disappear along with the proto-drakes. He will finally re-appear at Crusaders' Pinnacle upon completion of N [79] The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle, as the flight master for that area.



We discovered these proto-drakes at the Bronze Dragonshrine in the Dragonblight. We knew at once that they were our kin - our blood from ages past.

My apologies, <class>. You are probably confused. I am Penumbrius of the bronze dragonflight. I have taken this from out of convenience. It is much easier to communicate and live amongst mortals while in the mortal guise.

How can I help you?

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