Pest Control (Alliance)

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AlliancePest Control
Start Duane
End Duane
Level 73
Category Dragonblight
Reputation +250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards 5g 30s
Next Canyon Chase


Kill 10 Snowplain Snobolds and 3 Dragonblight Magnataur at the magnataur camps surround Wyrmrest down the road to the south. Return to Duane at 7th Legion Front in the northern Dragon Wastes once the task is complete.

  • Snowplain Snobolds: (10)
  • Dragonblight Magnataur: (3)


Ugh! One of those little snobold runts trashed our camp while we were busy with that last dragon. They've been plaguing us whenever we turn our backs... I've had enough!

To the south you'll find the snobolds hiding under the skirts of some of the local magnataur. Go slaughter them.

If the magnataur interfere on behalf of their slaves, kill them as well.


You will receive: 5g 30s


Did you finish off those pests?


Good riddance.


  1. A [73] Pest Control
  2. A [73] Canyon Chase

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