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Petrified Ebony Scale

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For the other quest item, see  [Petrified Ebony Scale].
  • Petrified Ebony Scale
  • Rank 1
  • Quest Item
  • Use: Infuse your Heart of Azeroth with Petrified Ebony Scale.
  • Requires Level 120
  • "Embodying the earth itself, this ancient scale has been tempered with ebony fire."

The Petrified Ebony Scale is provided as an objective for N [120] Harnessing the Power.

Infusing the item at the Heart Forge will grant Rank 1 of [The Crucible of Flame] Essence and leave behind a  [Shattered Dragonscale].


  1.  [Petrified Ebony Scale]
  2.  [Dreamglow Dragonscale]
  3.  [Tempered Scale of the Scarlet Broodmother]
  4.  [Charged Scale of the Blue Aspect]

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