Petty Officer Chulok

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HordePetty Officer Chulok
Image of Petty Officer Chulok
Title <Hellscream's Reach>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 77,490
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hellscream's Reach
Occupation Wyvern rider
Location Hellscream's Grasp, Tol Barad Peninsula

Petty Officer Chulok is an orc located at Hellscream's Grasp in the Tol Barad Peninsula. Should the Alliance control Tol Barad or a battle is in progress, you can turn in the quests given by Staff Sergeant Lazgar, Drillmaster Razgoth, Private Garnoth & Commander Zanoth to him.

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