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CombatPhantom Guest
Image of Phantom Guest
Race Phantom (Undead)
Level 70
Health 11,000
Mana 15,775
Wealth 42s 46c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Karazhan

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: 1,000 damage on cloth.
  • Dance Vibe: Increases attack speed of nearby Phantom Guests by 20%. Aura.
  • Throw: Physical ranged attack for 700 damage.
  • Healing: Some of these mobs are capable of healing.
  • [Impale]: Physical DoT for 222 a tick over 8 seconds.
  • [Immolate]: 2000 fire damage on application, ticks for 200.
  • [Searing Pain]: 1400 fire damage, 1.5 second cast.
  • Curse of Agony: 12 second curse, 500 shadow damage each tick.


These mobs come in packs of 8 or 9 and should be burned down by AoE. Have a tank either bind all the guests to him by using his AoE taunt or have all decently armored damage dealers in your raid each pick one or two of them from the pull to spread out the damage and build up some minor aggro on them before initiating the AoE fire a few seconds later. Starting the AoE too early causes all guests to gang up on one player which often results in certain death for the poor lad.

Despite being all named the same, the Phantom Guests have different and random abilities which are not discernible prior to the pull. Since some of them can be healers, capable of completely restoring the health of one of their fellow guests, nuking them down one by one with focus damage can be a tedious and risky undertaking.

The Phantom Ghosts sitting on the largest table in the banquet hall in front of Moroes are two separate groups that can be pulled individually from each side of the table.

When pulling, always make sure that no patrol (Skeletal Waiter or Spectral Servant) is near.

These mobs are stunable.


Reputation: Provides 3 reputation with The Violet Eye.


Death Not... Fair...

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