Phase Hound

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MobPhase Hound
Image of Phase Hound
Race Darkhound (Demon, Icon-TCG.pngBeast)
Level 71 Elite
Health 371,889
Mana 3,309
Wealth 1g 6s 51c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Karazhan
Pet family Dog
Phase Hound.jpg
"Sic... them... all." - Kristoff Manchester [1]

Phase Hounds are found in the Servant's Quarters of Karazhan.

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: 2200 on cloth.
  • Phasing: Like the Warp Stalker ability, becomes untargettable for a bit.


These generally come with other demons. They are not enslavable, however, they are vulnerable to [Banish]. [Faerie Fire] does not prevent their phasing or even keep them visible.

If you have a Hunter in your party, they can cast Hunter's Mark to keep the demon visible while it is phase shifted. The demon will still be immune to damage, but will be easier for the group to deal with.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.



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