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Image of Phoenix-Hawk
Race Dragonhawk (Beast)
Level 71 Elite
Health 387,450
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tempest Keep and The Eye

Pheonix Hawks can be found in Tempest Keep and The Eye.


  • Randomly charges the furthest player from the mobs and hits for up to ~10,000. Any players near the target of the charge are knocked back for ~2000 damage.
  • AoE Mana-burn ~2000 (does it every 10 seconds.) It is shadow damage, and resistable.


  • Can be single pulled.
  • Immune to all Crowd Controls.
  • Immune to all Stun effects.

Taking Them Down

There are 4 Phoenix-Hawks on the 2nd level in the same room as Al'ar. 2 of them will circle the entire perimeter, while 2 only patrol half of it (each gets a different half). Marking all 4 will help show which one has what pattern. The Phoenix-Hawk that pats the west side of the room only needs to be pulled if you are heading to Void Reaver (or Kael'thas), and the one that pats the east side of the room only needs to be pulled if you are heading to Solarian (or Kael'thas).

Pulling can either be done by a dps with a 36+ yard range, or by a tank body pulling. You must be careful that the one pulled is not close to another Phoenix-Hawk, and make sure no Phoenix-Hawk's will be passing the ramp until your target is most of the way down it. The Phoenix-Hawk's have a large aggro range and can unnecessarily aggro a 2nd if you're not careful.

Fighting them is much like fighting the Lava-Surgers in Molten Core. Everyone should group up on top of it, and have an off tank far to soak the Charges. Their Charge ability has a minimum range of 8 yards, so Hunters can shoot them from about 5-6 yards away without risking of being Charged.

This is a very mana-intensive fight, so mana regen and intellect is recommended over + to heal. Not so much for healing but because the Dragon-Hawk's AoE Mana Burn will make healer's mana pools drop to nothing in about a minute and a half. Also for this reason, dpsing them down fast is extremely important, since dpsing too slowly can mean the healers may run out of mana.

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