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Pit Boss Buxdoggle

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HordePit Boss Buxdoggle
Image of Pit Boss Buxdoggle
Title Prediction Incentives, Defendant,
Financier (formerly)[citation needed] 
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 120
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Occupation Gambler
Location Brawl'gar Arena
Status Alive

Pit Boss Buxdoggle is a goblin located in Brawl'gar Arena.

You can speak with him at the start of every brawl and bet on who will win to win additional Brawler's Golds. If your guess is correct, you receive a stackable buff.



Alright, you in?

Quick, quick, who d'ya think's gonna win this one, bucko?

Gossip the hero.
Gossip the monster.
Alright, who's in?
That's it! The fight's goin', no more guesses!

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