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Plain DKP

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In every loot distribution system, there's a way to "earn" points, or more generally, to increase one's probability to receive future loot.

When considering rewards, it is most important to be aware what exactly is rewarded. Zero Sum systems in their pure form for example only reward presence at the moment of loot distribution. If on a raid no (or very little) loot was distributed because it was a learning run for a new boss encounter, it doesn't feel fair that the members should go empty handed.

Common reasons to hand out DKP include:

On-time: at the starting time of the event, all members present receive a reward for puncutallity
Duration: At the end of the raid, a reward is given for staying for the duration
Time spent: For each hour spent in the raid, a certain amount of DKP is handed out
Boss kill: Each boss killed gives all raid members a certain reward

When setting up rewards, be careful that the number of points going into the system isn't larger than the number of points going out, else inflation will arise. Some of the above list may introduce some administrative overhead.