Plundered Treasure

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Plundered Treasure is an item sometimes looted from mobs by players with either the  [Potion of Luck] or [Luck of the Lotus] buff active.


  • Plundered Treasure is dropped in addition to any normal loot dropped by the mob.
  • Plundered Treasure is only found by players with the [Luck of the Lotus] or  [Potion of Luck] effects active; these effects grant a small chance for Plundered Treasure to be looted from any mob. The drop rate has been reported at around 5%.


Plundered Treasure's contents varies; it generally contains a small amount of gold, and some of the following:

Plundered Treasure also has a small chance to contain  [Mote of Harmony] x 1-2, and very occasionally contains rare or uncommon gear.

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