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Pocket dimensions[1][2] (or dimensional pockets)[3] seem to be little parts of a dimension secluded by magic.

In Azeroth

Elemental Plane

The Elemental Plane is the home of all elementals that were removed from Azeroth when the titan-forged Ra and Helya created four interlinked domains within a pocket dimension, imprisoning them millennia ago.[4]

Halls of Valor and Helheim

Main articles: Halls of Valor, Helheim

Helya called upon the same powers she had used to secure the Elemental Plane and sealed off Odyn's fortress—the Halls of Valor—with an impregnable, magical barrier. She then proceeded to create Helheim as an enchanted refuge for herself and the other Val'kyr far below the Halls.[5]

Other pocket dimensions

In the Shadowlands

The Other Side

The Other Side is Bwonsamdi's pocket dimension in the Shadowlands.

In the Twisting Nether

Mardum, the Plane of Banishment

Mardum, the Shattered Abyss was formerly an impregnable pocket dimension within the Twisting Nether called "Mardum, the Plane of Banishment". It was a prison-world created by the titan Sargeras where he imprisoned all the demons he defeated.[11][12]

Other pocket dimensions