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Image of Pogeyan
Title <The Fire Spirit>
Race Mountain lion (Beast)
Level 28 Rare
Health 3,412
Mana 1,512
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Northern Stranglethorn
Pet family Cat

Pogeyan is a haunched mountain lion found west of the Tkashi Ruins in Northern Stranglethorn.


  • She's also one of the 3 rare mobs that are docile with a title, the other being the ape Tsul'Kalu and the giant crocolisk Mahamba. Unlike her fellow spirits, Pogeyan is a ferocity pet that hunters can tame. The element she represents is Fire.
  • Although she has the same color as Broken Tooth, she has the model of the Cursed Offspring of Har'koa: haunched appearance, a shiny coat and glowing red eyes.

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