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Start Chezin Dawnchaser
End Sunwalker Dezco
Level 86 (Requires 86)
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 111,000
Rewards Item level 399 rings
9g 80s
Previous H [86] Search Party
Next B [86] Blind Them!, H [86] Skitterer Stew


Gather 5 Mogu Poisoned Blades.


The... mogu. Do not trust. Poison. Get sample... sample blades. Bring to Dezco... in Thunder Cleft, west of here.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 128.png [Ring of the Pools of Youth] Inv jewelry ring 04.png [Ring of Tears]
Inv jewelry ring 04.png [Toothrow Band] Inv jewelry ring 121.png [Seal of Lost Centuries]
Inv jewelry ring 119.png [Seal of the Forbidden Jungle]

You will receive: 9g 80s


You have news of Chezin?


Chezin is dead? This is very bad news indeed. Kor, Chezin and I have fought dragons, undead, and Alliance on nearly every shore that has a name.

To lose him like this...

Thank you for recovering these weapons. It should teach us much about our new enemy.


On completion:

Kor Bloodtusk says: Dezco, this is a weapon of the horde. You should unleash it on the Alliance.
Sunwalker Dezco says: This was not supposed to be a combat mission.
Kor Bloodtusk says: And the Alliance wasn't supposed follow the same visions your wife was having.


  1. H [86] Poisoned!
  2. H [86] Skitterer Stew & H [86] Blind Them!
  3. H [86] Threat from Dojan & H [86] Herbal Remedies & H [86] The Mogu Agenda
  4. H [86] The Pools of Youth
  5. H [86] Life

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