Poisonous Skitterer

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MobPoisonous Skitterer
Image of Poisonous Skitterer
Race Spider (Beast)
Level 81 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arachnid Quarter, Naxxramas

Poisonous Skitterers are hostile level 81 elite venom spiders found in the Arachnid Quarter of Naxxramas. They cannot be tamed by a hunter.


Roaming the halls of the Spider Wing in Naxxramas, these hungry beasts will devour your group with their overwhelming numbers.


  • Attack in packs.
  • Can Crit Cloth for about 1300.
  • Approximatively 15000 Health Point


Shield wall and Challenging Shout are old-favorites. Use Area Effect damage to take these down fast. Healers should be sure to keep your cloth-wearers alive.

This is when that Necro-Knight's Garb really shines.

Another Take: We had little success with AOE taunt/Shield Wall, it usually ended up with our entire raid dead. Here's a better plan: Pally runs in with shield and aggroes all the spiders. send 2/3's of your warriors in to grab a few spiders each, with the other 1/3 standing among the clothies to pick up any that aggro healing. Assist a few spiders down, then ranged aoe the rest. No one dies, mana stays up, the pack goes down quick. (The pally pull isn't entirely neccessary.)

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