Polished Ringhorn Hoof

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Polished Ringhorn Hoof has a chance to drop from Ringhorn Fawns, Ringhorn Stags, and Ringhorn Striders in the areas surrounding the Shrouded Shore in Vol'dun. It can only drop for player characters that have completed the prerequisite quests for [Get Hek'd].

Upon looting Polished Ringhorn Hoof, the player receives a whisper from Jani:

A Guttural Voice whispers: What is it you have there, richmon? A shiny trinket for ol' Jani? Bring it closer...

The player can then head to the Mysterious Trashpile on the east side of the Bouldered Bluffs,[56.2, 15.2] interact with it to commune with Jani, and turn in the item:

Greetin's, richmon. Have ya brought somethin' shiny and smooth to da Shrine of Scavengers?
  • Gossip Release me.
  • Gossip I have a shiny trinket for you, Jani.

Selecting the latter option will cause Jani to release the player back into the real world and leave a Jani's Stash that can be looted for 10-50 [War Resources] and 6  [Jagged Fang], 3  [Crude Saurid Effigy], and 2  [Brittle Ceremonial Necklace].

Jani says: I accept ya tribute! Here be a sign of me favor... Hek hek hek hek!

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