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Image of Portakillo
Race Fungarian (Beast)
Level 110 - 120 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shrouded Shore, Vol'dun[61.2, 18]
Status Killable

Portakillo is a fungarian located on the Shrouded Shore, just south of the Terrace of the Fang, in Vol'dun.


  • Creature sporemushroom.png  Decaying Mushroom — Causes nearby targets to take Nature damage every 1 sec for up to 10 sec.
  • Spell druid wildmushroom frenzy.png  Explosive Spores — Upon death, the caster releases explosive spores, inflicting Fire damage to all enemies within 6 yards.
  • Inv mushroom 10.png  Frigid Spores — Upon death, the caster releases frozen spores, rooting nearby enemies.
  • Inv mushroom 09.png  Poison Spores — Upon death, the caster releases toxic spores, inflicting Nature damage every 5 sec for 0 sec.
  • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png  Rotten Bolt — Fires a bolt of decay at the enemy, inflicting Nature damage.

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