Potion of Curing

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  • Potion of Curing
  • Use: Imbiber is cured of up to four poisons up to level 60.
  • Requires Level 14
  • Sell Price: 35c


This item can be crafted using Alchemy (120); taught by [Recipe: Potion of Curing].

Materials required
Inv misc organ 01.png 1x [Large Venom Sac] Inv misc herb 01.png 1x [Bruiseweed]
Inv drink 06.png 1x [Leaded Vial]


This item is listed as an Elixir in the alchemist's recipe list. This is because it was originally the Elixir of Poison Resistance, but has since been patched to be a potion, without recategorizing it.

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