Powerlevel Horde Western Plaguelands

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The Western Plaguelands is an excellent leveling area, with many fast, dense quests. It can be completed in a day if you hit everything in the right order and can even provide an entire level of experience for those in the low 50s.

The Western Plaguelands has three main quest clusters. The first is the Cauldron Quests, which will lead you to each of the fields in turn, killing a minor boss and taking a sample from the Cauldron, and then returning to the Bulwark. Each field has an additional "bonus quest" that you can complete while you're doing the Cauldron. The second is the investigation of Andorhal, which includes the All Along the Watchtowers quest from the Bulwark and a series of quests from Chromie. The third series starts in a valley in the northeastern corner of the zone and directs you to fight the Scarlet Crusaders located against the eastern wall of the zone and in Hearthglen.

Order of Quests

  1. Start at the Bulwark by picking up the Scarlet Diversions quest. Make sure you pick up the  [Flame in a Bottle] from the chest!
  2. Complete Scarlet Diversions by running east into the Plaguelands and north after you pass the first field.
  3. Return to the Bulwark and pick up The Scourge Cauldrons and All Along the Watchtowers.

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