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Pre-release weapon trainers were weapon masters in the early days of World of Warcraft who taught individual weapon skills. Later, trainers were combined, with a single weapon master in each city who taught all of the skills for that race. With 4.0.1, all weapon skills were given to characters at creation, removing the need for weapon trainers. Many former weapon trainer NPCs are no longer in the game.

Alliance weapon trainers

Race Location Name Weapon Type
Night Elf Dolanaar Rombulus Frostmoon Dagger trainer
Night Elf Feathermoon Stronghold Dulciea Frostmoon 2H spear trainer
Night Elf Moonglade Malakar Frostmoon Fist weapons trainer
Night Elf Darnassus Ilyenia Moonfire Bow trainer
Dwarf Ironforge Laene Thundershot Guns trainer
Dwarf Farstrider Lodge Durtham Greldon Fist weapons trainer
Gnome Kharanos Binny Springblade Dagger trainer
Gnome Farstrider Lodge Filliwick Featherfizz Crossbow trainer
Human Nethergarde Keep Rachael Vaccar Sword trainer
Human Nethergarde Keep Emily Vaccar Polearms Trainer
Human Sentinel Hill Sarah Arello Staves trainer
Human Theramore Isle Paul Burges Crossbow trainer
Night elf Jennail Mooncaller Staves trainer
Night elf Gerratys Nightrunner Bow trainer
Dwarf Grimbur Flintaxe Axe trainer
Dwarf Farbrahm Steelfist Mace trainer
Night elf Traelion Shadewhisper Thrown Weapon trainer

Horde weapon trainers

Race Location Name Weapon Type
Orc The Den Kergul Bloodaxe Axe trainer
Orc Razor Hill Gruul Darkblade Dagger trainer
Orc Grom'Gol Yaelika Farclaw Bow trainer
Orc Stonard Shrye Ragefist Weapons trainer
Troll Shadowprey Village Dat'xus Staves trainer
Troll Sen'jin Village Tayexir Bow trainer
Troll Sen'jin Village Xur'gyl Axe trainer
Tauren Camp Mojache Altsoba Ragetotem Mace trainer
Tauren Freewind Post Omusa Thunderhorn Gun trainer
Tauren Tarren Mill Sanuye Runetotem Staves trainer
Undead Sun Rock Retreat Gustav Montague Sword trainer