Preserve the True Future

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NeutralPreserve the True Future
Start Chromie
End Chromie
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Deaths of Chromie
Experience 24,680
Reputation +250 Chromie
Rewards 250x [Timewarped Badge]
58g 20s
Previous N [110] The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon
Next N [110] The Deaths of Chromie


Stop the attacks from the Obsidian, Ruby, Azure, and Emerald Dragonshrines in one attempt of the Deaths of Chromie scenario.

  • Stop all four dragonshrine attacks


I know how this looks, <name>. I'm not asking for your help simply because I don't want to get killed.

I need your help because this isn't how I'm SUPPOSED to die. I will die - I've seen it! - but it happens much later than this. Besides, meddling with the timeways for personal reasons - well, it goes against pretty much everything my dragonflight stands for.

Let's stop all four of the dragonshrine attacks. That should do the trick.


You will receive: 58g 20s

Inv misc questionmark.png 250x Timewarped Badge


Most bronze dragons know how they eventually die. Me? Not like this, that's for sure.


We've stopped all four attacks from the dragonshrines - but the timelines are still incorrect. I'm still being assassinated, elsewhere, at the same time.

Looks like our work isn't done yet, <name>!



One-time quests

The Deaths of Chromie

  1. N [110] Chromie
  2. N [110] The Day That Chromie Dies
  3. N [110] Rewind
  4. N [110] The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon
  5. N [110] Preserve the True Future
  6. N [110] The Deaths of Chromie

Dragonshrine bosses

Repeatable quests

One random quest per run

Stratholme past

  1. N [110] Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers
  2. N [110] Yeah, Definitely for the Kids
  3. N [110] Holing Up
  4. N [110] For Emery
  5. N [110] Fight Plague with Fire



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