Preserved Journal

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Preserved Journal

The Preserved Journals are found in Nazjatar. The first is found at the Drowned Market. The second and third are found in Zin-Azshari.



The contents of the second journal found.

Preserved Journal

<Another preserved journal. You turn to a random page...>

He came to discuss runic locks. Not for the spellcasting, mind you, he was quite adept, if overconfident. No, he wanted to know how to preserve his wealth.

It seems he has come in to quite a bit of it, and trusts no one. He has been purchasing items of value recently, and locking them away, referring to the practice as "investing."

He has invited me to see his latest invention, a runic lock. I must admit, I am interested.

The contents of the third journal found.

Preserved Journal

<Another journal, which seems especially well cared-for. You open it...>

He's the one that lives next door. A sorceror, it seems. Not that I mind. It makes me feel safer having a spellcaster nearby, what with all that has been going on as of late.

This one, however, is obsessed with puzzles. Always asking me over to try out a maze or an astrological riddle, or discuss the names of his cats.

He has not been around as of late, yet few others have as well. Something is happening near the palace.

We are to gather tomorrow, in the courtyard, to ask the Light of Lights for answers.

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