Preventive Measures

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NeutralPreventive Measures
Start Prophet Velen
End Prophet Velen
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +150 Army of the Light
Rewards  [Sanctified Warrior Memento]
14g 60s
Previous N [110] Storming the Citadel
Next N [110] A Touch of Fel
N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse
N [110] Dark Machinations


Use the Talisman of the Prophet to sanctify 9 fallen Army of the Light warriors.


There is no end to the Legion's depravity. Every battle won, every world conquered, yields more souls to fuel their war machine.

They have not yet defiled all of the fallen warriors in the hold, but I fear it is only a matter of time. Please, take this talisman with you into the hold and use it to sanctify any corpses you encounter.

They deserve a better fate.


You will receive: 14g 60s
Inv jewelry necklace 12.png [Sanctified Warrior Memento]


All who fall nobly deserve to rest in peace.


Thank you, <name>. Your actions deny the Legion power and grant the dead the peace they deserve.



You do not need to target the corpse of the Lightforged soldier in order to use the provided quest item. Simply use it while near an eligible corpse (up to about 10 yds away) to gain credit.

You need to purify deceased Lightforged Sharpshooters and Lightforged Bulwarks.


  1. N [110] The Speaker Calls
  2. N [110] Visions of Torment
  3. N [110] Dire News
  4. N [110] Storming the Citadel
  5. N [110] Scars of the Past & N [110] Preventive Measures & N [110] Chaos Theory
  6. N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse & N [110] Dark Machinations & N [110] A Touch of Fel
  7. N [110] Dawn of Justice
  8. N [110] Lord of the Spire
  9. N [110] Forming a Bond

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