Pridewing Wyvern

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MobPridewing Wyvern
Image of Pridewing Wyvern
Race Wyvern (Beast)
Level 28 - 29
Health 870 - 973
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Windshear Heights, Stonetalon Mountains
Pet family Feathermane

Pridewing Wyverns are level 28-29 creatures found at Windshear Heights in the Stonetalon Mountains. They used to have their nests on and around Mirkfallon Lake as well, before the Horde built the Sludgewerks. The orcs and tauren consider the wyvern sacred, and tried to design the platform to not harm the remaining nearby wyvern. The goblins running Sludgewerks, on the other hand, would rather have the wyverns killed due to the mess they leave.

There are rumors that orc assassins supposedly collect and use these wyvern's deadly poisons, and the night elf Shindrell Swiftfire used to task Alliance adventurers to collect their Pridewing Venom Sacs, to preventing the orcs from gathering them.

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