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Primal Fury (Horde)

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HordePrimal Fury

100 (Requires 100)





Speak to Shadow Hunter Rokhan in northern Talador, then defeat Gorgorek and Warlord Azuka Bladefury.


It looks like this is it, commander.

We must stop the Iron Horde at all costs. I have sent stormcrows to your garrison, and called for Shadow Hunter Rokhan to deploy your troops to the Gates of Tanaan at once.

By the time you get to northern Talador, he should be waiting for you... with an entire army.

There is no time to delay.


Your feats seem to know no limits, <name>. Today, you and your garrison forces have struck a terrible blow to Warchief Hellscream and the Iron Horde.

However, he is not defeated so easily. If anything, his hunger for vengeance will grow.

We must destroy the root of his operations in Tanaan Jungle, but first, there is much preparation to be done.

Until then, bask in the glow of our momentous victory.



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Durotan says: Look! Hellscream shows himself.
Grommash and the Iron Horde approaches the Horde garrison army.
Durotan says: Lay down your weapons, Grommash! Look around you. You are lost.
Grommash Hellscream says: The Iron Horde is never beaten! I will NEVER surrender!
Grommash Hellscream says: I will remember this day, heroes. I will remember your names and your faces, and when the time comes, I will carve you limb from limb.
Grommash Hellscream says: If you dare challenge me, I will be waiting in Tanaan Jungle. You will find only death beyond these gates.
Grommash and his army retreat behind the walls of Tanaan.
Durotan says: Wait then, Grommash. Wait, because we are coming for you.
Durotan says: Thank you, hero. Today, we taste victory! Lok'tar ogar!


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