Primal Hakkari

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The Primal Hakkari were ancient relics of the old Gurubashi Empire that once stretched across most of the Eastern Kingdoms. Infused with a great deal of power, by returning them to the safe hands of the Zandalar Tribe Trolls they can use them to craft potent items.

The Hakkari Epic drops could be turned in for pieces of the Zandalar armor sets, specifically three armor pieces that could be received at the friendly, honored and revered reputation ranks.

Primals usability by class

Class Friendly Honored Revered
[Armsplint] [Bindings] [Stanchion] [Girdle] [Shawl] [Sash] [Aegis] [Kossack] [Tabard]
Rogue [Wrist] [Shoulder] [Chest]
Warrior [Wrist] [Waist] [Chest]
Shaman [Wrist] [Waist] [Chest]
Hunter [Wrist] [Waist] [Shoulder]
Mage [Wrist] [Shoulder] [Chest]
Paladin [Wrist] [Waist] [Chest]
Priest [Wrist] [Waist] [Shoulder]
Warlock [Wrist] [Shoulder] [Chest]
Druid [Wrist] [Waist] [Chest]

Note that since 1.11, class information was listed on the Primal Hakkari piece.

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