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Primal Payback

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NeutralPrimal Payback

110 (885)


2 hours






150 Order Resources

Champion XP


Bonus Chest

See Rewards

Bonus Roll




  • Bodash the Hoarder: Powerful
  • Feltotem Bloodbinders: Cursed Disorienting Lethal Powerful Slowing


  • 3,000 follower XP


You will receive one from the following:
Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 01.png [Fruitful Bauble] Inv misc trinketpanda 13.png [Draught of Courage]
Inv tailoring 70 saddleblanket.png [Pathfinder's Saddle] Inv misc birdfoot yellow.png [Lucky Doodad]
Inv jewelry orgrimmarraid trinket 02.png [Auspicious Fetish] Inv inscription trinket tiger.png [Curio of Abundant Happiness]
Inv jewelry trinket 09.png [Elixir of Plenty] Inv misc trinketpanda 10.png [Necklace of Endless Memories]
Inv 60pvp trinket2c.png [Potion of Triton] Inv boots 08.png [Swift Boots]
Inv misc food 54.png [Carrot on a Stick] Inv jewelry trinket 22.png [Well-Worn Stone]
Ability rogue smoke.png [Smoke Grenades] Rogue paralytic poison.png [Sleep Potion]
Rogue leeching poison.png [Leech Brew] Inv misc trinket6oog stonefist1.png [Marauder's Vestige]
Inv trinket naxxramas02.png [Demon's Sigil] Inv belt mail korkronshaman d 01.png [Earthly Pincer]
Ability shaman condensationtotem.png [Totem of the Earth] Achievement boss korkrondarkshaman.png [Furious Charge]
Archaeology 5 0 ironamulet.png [Conjurer's Bauble] Inv misc token darkmoon 01.png [Arcanist's Trifle]
Inv jewelry ring 113.png [Band of Primordial Strength] Inv bow 1h dwarfhunter c 01.png [Bow of Ancient Kings]
Inv belt mail raidhunter m 01.png [Windrunner's Gift] Ability warrior renewedvigor.png [Valarjar's Might]
Inv misc bone humanskull 02.png [Skull of Embrace] Inv helmet 171.png [Helm of Command]
Inv staff 2h pandarenmonk c 01.png [Chi Empowered Jewel] Ability monk fortuneturned.png [Mogu Madstone]
Ability mount goatmountwhite.png [Bell of Fury] Inv staff 2h nightelfdruid c 01.png [Elune's Sight]
Inv misc druidstone04.png [Glowing Token] Inv leather pvpdruid o 01bracer.png [Forest Ember]
Spell paladin lightshammer.png [Justice Hammer] Inv relics libramoftruth.png [Libram of Enlightenment]
Trade archaeology druidprieststatueset.png [Holy Figurine] Inv helmet cloth raidpriest i 01.png [Light's Command]
Achievement battleground templeofkotmogu 02.png [Bottled Sanity] Inv misc trinket6oog mask1.png [Undead Token]
Inv inscription trinket mage.png [Death's Touch]
Trade alchemy dpotion c22.png [Potion of Energy] Inv misc pocketwatch 02.png [Hasty Pocketwatch]
Inv alchemy elixir 01.png [Elixir of Overwhelming Focus] Inv boots mail 13v2.png [Sturdy Hiking Boots]
Inv valentinecolognebottle.png [Bottomless Flask] Inv alchemy crystalvial.png [Vial of Timeless Breath]
Inv misc cape 25.png [Cloak of Concealment] Inv inscription pigment nether.png [Essence of Nether]
Ability hunter traplauncher.png [Arcane Trap] Inv herbalism 70 dreamleaf.png [Dreamgrove Leaf]
Spell misc warsongfocus.png [Demonic Standard]

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