Prince Keleseth (tactics)

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For character biography, see Prince Keleseth.
BossPrince Keleseth
Image of Prince Keleseth
Title <The San'layn>
Gender Male
Race San'layn (Undead)
Level 72-81 Elite
Mana 49,635-163,240
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Scourge, Blood Prince Council
Location Utgarde Keep
Status Killable

Adventure Guide

The Lich King deployed Keleseth to Utgarde Keep in hopes of harnessing the vrykul's potential for destruction. Upon arriving, the ambassador found a people who were more than eager to assist the Scourge. The keep has proved to be an excellent staging point for terrorizing the Howling Fjord, and Keleseth has no intention of losing it to insolent trespassers.


  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Bolt — Prince Keleseth hurls a bolt of dark magic at a player, inflicting Shadow damage.
  • Spell frost frost.png  Frost Tomb — Prince Keleseth encases a random player in a block of ice, stunning them for 20 sec. and inflicting Frost damage every second. Players can be broken free by attacking and killing the Frost Tomb.
  • Vrykul Skeleton — When engaged, Prince Keleseth calls for several Vrykul Skeletons to aid him in battle.
  • Spell shadow raisedead.png  Decrepify disease — Vrykul Skeletons decrepify a player, reducing their Strength and movement speed for 10 sec.
  • Unstoppable — As long as Prince Keleseth lives, Vrykul Skeletons cannot be stopped and are brought back to life 20 seconds after they are killed.


It is important to mind the random Frost Tomb applied to players, these can be burnt down and should be if your party is low on healing. A Frost Tomb does approximately 8000 damage which leaves most level 70’s either dead or very close to it. In addition to Frost Tombs, the prince will summon 5 skeletons which can be crowd controlled, make sure they are grouped up when they die because they will be resurrected periodically throughout the fight and it’s easier to control them if they’re in a group.

If the entire group stands directly in front of the tank then the skeletons and ice blocks will stay in the same place - this means the tank can maintain aggro on skeletons with their AOE move and both the tank and melee can easily take down ice blocks without having to move.

Paladin Tanks are arguably the best suited tank for this, as they can bubble out of the Frost Tomb and use specific UD killing moves like Holy wrath to easily pick up the skeleton adds. This boss is relatively easy, however should not be underestimated. Challenging shout/roar is useful when the adds spawn.


Associated with the [On The Rocks] achievement.

Prince Keleseth drops either a  [Bouquet of Red Roses] or a  [Bouquet of Ebon Roses] during the Love is in the Air celebration. Acquiring either of these bouquets will grant you the [My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose] achievement.


Normal mode
Heroic mode

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Your blood is mine!
Summoning skeletons
Aranal, ledel! Their fate shall be yours!
Frost Tomb
Not so fast.
Killed a Player
Darkness waits.
I join... the night.


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