Prince Renathal

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NeutralPrince Renathal
Image of Prince Renathal
Title Dark Prince of Sinfall[1]
Dark Prince[2]
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Venthyr Covenant
Ember Court
Eternal Ones
Location Sinfall, Revendreth
Status Alive
Companion(s) Vrednic (pet), Vorpalia (weapon)

Prince Renathal, also known as the Dark Prince,[3] is a venthyr who leads the rebellion from Sinfall in Revendreth against Sire Denathrius. Convinced that the Master is behind the anima drought, he rallied a formidable force to lead a rebellion to succeed Sire Denathrius and make the anima flow once more. But one has to wonder if Prince Renathal might prove to be no different than the tyrant he seeks to overthrow.[4]

Prince Renathal refers to Denathrius as father.[5][6] His blade Vorpalia is sentient like Denathrius's Remornia. He has a pet gargon named Vrednic. The dredger Breakfist was one of the last of Renathal's forces from his first rebellion left in Sinfall.[7]


Prince Renathal was the first venthyr crafted by the Denathrius's own hand in Sinfall. He was once a popular courtier within Denathrius’ Court and Harvester of Dominion. His former home is Darkwall Tower.[8]

At some point between the Maw Walker arriving in the Shadowlands and arriving in Revendreth, word of their presence reached Renathal, recognizing the Maw Walker as one of Azeroth's champions[9][10], as well as his sword Vorpalia.[11]

However, this initial rebellion failed and caused Renathal to be flung into the Maw from Sinfall, and most of his allies banished into the Ember Ward. Though he had numerous allies, including two other members of the Court of Harvesters, various nobles such as Duke Theotar, as well asstoneborn forces formerly of the Stone Legion in General Draven among others, he had relied on the  [Medallion of Dominion] to help him. This caused Denathrius to know everything Renathal had planned.[12]

When the Maw Walker arrives in Revendreth, the area is in the midst of the rebellion that Renathal started against Denathrius.[13] Both Denathrius and Renathal's forces had hoped for the Maw Walker to ally themself with them.[14][15] Thanks to the interventions of The Accuser, the Maw Walker learns of the truth, defeating The Fearstalker, obtaining the  [Medallion of Dread], and rescuing Prince Renathal from the Maw.

With his freedom and old and new allies, he attempts to confront Denathrius once again.[16] While he fails to defeat Denathrius, it does force his hand, hemorrhaging the anima stores of Castle Nathria through the Sanguine Depths under the Menagerie of the Master. Immediately Prince Renathal orders the Castle sealed through the use of the mirrors that had previously barred entry into Sinfall to focus the Light onto the front gate of the Castle. He then proceeds to inform the Eternal Ones that Denathrius has betrayed the Shadowlands.

Under his leadership, the Medallions begin to be gathered in Sinfall and a new  [Crown of the Harvesters] is created. The Countess gives the  [Medallion of Desire] willingly, The Curator retrieves the  [Medallion of Avarice] after regaining control of the Catacombs Ward, the  [Medallion of Pride] is regained from the Lord Chamberlain, The Tithelord is defeated and the  [Medallion of Envy] taken, and the  [Medallion of Dominion] is retrieved by General Draven from Kel'Thuzad. Both The Tithelord and Kel'Thuzad are defeated in collaboration with the forces of Maldraxxus under Draka. The Crown of the Harvesters is obtained with the help of Forgelite Prime Mikanikos, combining kyrian ore and anima from both ascended kyrians of the Temple of Purity and Duke Theotar. The Crown is then purified at the Temple of Loyalty of Denathrius's control and influence.

He leads the asssault on Castle Nathria with his forces, the Maw Walker, and others. Denathrius is defeated but Remornia, in a final attempt to save her master, consumes Denathrius' essence into the blade and tries to escape to the Maw for him to be restored by The Jailer. Renathal traps Remornia and takes the blade holding the Master to Dawnkeep, where the naaru Z'rali has been granted authority as it is both closest to the Light and at a distance from any venthyr, and gives her the task of remediating Denathrius for eons, until he repents.[17]


  • Spell animarevendreth orb.png  Regal Blast — Blasts the enemy with Shadow energy, inflicting Shadow damage.




Revendreth will return to its true purpose.
Sinfall, upon joining the Venthyr Covenant
This is where Denathrius sired his first Court of Harvesters, ages upon ages ago. Here he forged the medallions so that we each may share a piece of his power and carry out his will.
There was symmetry to him exiling me to the Maw in this place. He believed he was ending me where he created me.
Now we shall use this place to turn the tide against the Master of Revendreth and undo his very grip upon this realm he created.
Darkwall Tower, during the Venthyr Campaign - The Court of Harvesters
There was a time when I hosted such wonderful gatherings at this tower. Even the Master could be seen, smiling, enjoying his time. He was beautiful to behold then, the true sire of the venthyr.
I wonder how long he had been plotting with the Jailer. If even then his smile was a guise hiding his loathing for all of reality.
Sinfall, after competing the Venthyr Campaign up until the "Envy" Chapter
You will not face Maldraxxus alone, <name>. The full weight of Sinfall's army stands at your back.
The Observatorium of Castle Nathria after defeating Sire Denathrius
You and your cohort of allies have my eternal appreciation for your endeavors, Maw Walker.
Dawnkeep, after completing N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer
It will take time. Time the likes of which your kind have yet to measure.
But in that time, I see my oldest friend, my closest confidant, and my greatest Master stepping forth from this pinnacle of lecture, his true purpose once again affirmed.




  • Ah! Our potential savior of the Shadowlands has arrived.
  • Come closer, my new friend.
  • Darkest greetings, Maw Walker.
  • Hello, Maw Walker!
  • And what can this humble fallen prince do for you today?
  • Welcome, my fellow doomed friend.
  • Come forth, catalyst of change!
  • I miss the good old days. Oh, when we were just trying to destroy each other for power.
  • I look upon you and dare to feel... hope.
  • We are doomed. Ah, but not without a fight.
  • We face the unending, undefeatable, undefiable darkness... together.
  • There is a simplicity in inevitability.
  • You and me against the end of reality... We might need some help.
  • There is no possibility of victory. Oh, is that not exicitng?
  • The drought, the lack of souls, the Jailer... all connected.
  • The Master hoarded anima, lied, threw me into the Maw!... All of that I respect, but setting the Jailer free? Oh, <tsk tsk> too far.


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